Essay on individual responsibility towards environment

Nature can be seen as beautiful and peaceful but…. Hence it is important to learn about the various components of the business environment, which consists of the economic aspect, the socio-cultural aspects, the political framework, the legal aspects and the technological aspects etc.

In this chapter, we shall learn about the concept of business environment, its nature and significance and the various components…. Essays Essays FlashCards.

Browse Essays. Home Page Nature and our responsibility towards it Essay. Nature and our responsibility towards it Essay Words Aug 10th, 5 Pages. Show More. Water is also needed to make food.

Essay about What´s Personal Responsibility

These farms are what supply us with most of our food. When farmers use irrigation to water these large areas of land it also brings the salt up from lower levels; which is also a form of pollution. When trees are removed it also has a huge impact on our water cycle. Trees release water vapor which in return produce humidity.

If trees are cut down it can affect the weather and cause less rain to be produced. Conservation of Mother Nature is our responsibility. Participate in our efforts to develop tests to identify endangered species.

We work with scientists, governments and non-governmental outfits to develop these tests. Areas of social responsibility include business giving, ecological and environmental quality, consumerism, government relation, and labor relations. Social responsibility improves the public image of an organization and enhances the local economy. Trust and excellent reputation are among the most important assets in any business that can only be realized through social responsibility. Social responsibility also attracts and retains employees who are committed to their task, hence improved performance.

By doing so, companies can reduce the cost of recruitment. Moreover, social responsibility increases the customer base and attracts investors. Being a social responsible organization enable a business to gain competitive advantage. Developing products that are friendly to the environment adds value and increases sales in business. Investors prefer social responsible businesses because it is an indication of proper management and a good reputation The Economist, The effect of pollution on air, water, and land calls for the need to observe ecological and environmental quality.

Companies should clean up the existing pollution, start processes to reduce pollution, control noise, recycle materials, and perform aesthetic improvements. Consequently, social responsibility determines how children behave and thus there is need to educate essay on responsibility towards environment about social responsibility in order to put a sustainable investment in the future.

Children are the potential business stakeholders in future. Practicing social responsibility such as training children and improving health and education broadens their view and persuade them to help others. Teenagers can be asked to take part in volunteer programs in nursing homes, heath centers, and schools. This helps to heighten the idea that we are accountable for the state and quality of our societies Griffins, Ethics and social accountability in the context of business have changed over essay on pakistan economy last decades.

Essay on student% 27s responsibility towards school property

This is due to various ethics scandals that have captured the interest of people. It is vital to talk about some of these scandals. The Salmon Brothers, a sponsor of security, defied Treasury policy in s by purchasing more than thirty five percent of a Treasury copy of securities at auction. This business scandal forced three top executives to resign, including other effects.

Human responsibility for environment conservation

The crime contributed in the effort of setting the U. Sentencing Commission in which was responsible for ensuring that companies essay on student% 27s responsibility towards school property accountable for any unlawful behavior Brenner, In the midmany ethical scandals were inline with sexual harassment and racial prejudice.

Coca-cola, Mitsubishi, and Texaco are some of the companies that received such accusations. At the start of the new century, scandals were persistent in the news. InFirestone and Ford expressed regret to their customers for a continued tire failures. Business ethics crimes are still common in the present days and therefore there is a possibility of changing ethical and social responsibility practices and theories in the future.

From the inference of public interest in social responsibility during the last forty years, two implications can be made. Attention in social responsibility has increased throughout the past three decades.

Workers in such companies have no trouble putting in a little more time to finalize an assignment. This is only possible because they feel they own the company and not the other way round. The output of the company therefore increases. Participating in social responsibility acts is a great advertisement platform. By engaging in various community development activities, the society gets exposed to the organization and its products thus increasing the likelihood of better returns.

By doing so, members of the community feel they are contributing to their development through the company resulting in increased returns and higher profit margins. Champions of social responsibility always end up with better social status than average citizens. World over, these are the men and women who comprise the Nobel Prize list. The prestigious prize is reserved for people who realized their mandate in the society is far much higher than personal profits.

However, at the end of the whole process, they end up profiting enormously from their early sacrifice. Moreover, due to their excellent social standing, such persons are easily appointed to executive positions or elected to political offices.

The society finds a special attachment to such people due to their how to start an essay for a scholarship contribution to humanity. The benefits of fulfilling social responsibilities are undoubtedly fantastic.

Still, few companies have social responsibility at their core. Could there then be any obstacles towards the fulfillment of social responsibility? Knowledge is key to achieving this objective.

Availability of several options with resultant lack of focus on a particular area.The thought goes on the far side thinking and acting as people to common beliefs concerning shared interests and life. A basic community responsibility is voting in elections. Being socially accountable means folks and organizations should behave ethically and with sensitivity toward social, cultural, economic and environmental problems.

Striving for social responsibility helps people, organizations and governments have a positive impact on development, business …show more content…. Under community we tend to perceive the village, the tiny city or the residential complicated within the massive town, where lives every one of us.

Every community lives its own life that undergoes a method of development all the time. And each one might participate in this development in numerous ways cv phd thesis, for example by taking part in cleaning of the street on which someone lives, by collaborating in organization of an occurrence, connected with the history of the city or the village or by rendering social services to youngsters without parents or elderly people.

All that is needed is that sense of responsibility be evoked. Once you feel responsible towards something, you feel it is your duty to do something, to ACT!!

And if each citizen can feel the overwhelming sense of responsibility, they will all act and save our environment before it is too late. Posted by Author at Newer Post Older Post Home. Stock Market. Every individual has a responsibility towards environment - Dr Rawlings Every individual has a responsibility towards environment - Dr Rawlings Source: Ghana Myjoyonline.

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When utilitarians should be virtue theorists.

Essay on responsibility towards environment

This essay topic by other users: Post date Users Rates Content thakur. More about this topic But, in fact, machines are continually improving our lives. Giving one person central authority and responsibility for a project or task is not an effective way to get work done. Honestly, I appeal for something make aware of our environment in the future. Nowadays, the younger generations are the heir s of the modern technology addiction which seems to be doing more harm than good to themselves and the environment.

Too much development has lead to pollution and destruction of the nature. This effect is called the greenhouse effect. The increase in temperature will result in changes in climate.

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